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Omgosh, we can’t believe it! ♥


Today one of our best friends got a boyfriend! Ö   We were so surprised, but also very happy for her that we really had to make an article about this subject. We are both not that kind of girl who has every week another boyfriend. Actually we are very difficult for this kind of stuff, but hé – don’t you think your first boyfriend has to be someone special? However we find that love is something very special and romantic, but only if it’s mutual otherwise it’s torture! :’ )


Picture isn’t taken by us.

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  1. 10/03/2009 23:23

    Well, that’s great!

    Love is wonderful when it’s pure and real. I do think your first boyfriend should be someone special… it’s someone you should have fond memories of as an old woman thinking of nervous first kisses and holding nervous, sweaty hands.

  2. Selyna permalink
    11/03/2009 21:51

    Who’s that friend ? :D

  3. Katrien permalink
    13/03/2009 19:32

    That would be 2 beautiful 4 words… ;)
    Unfortunate, unfortunate :’)
    Hopelijk komt er toch binnenkort is verandering in hee, het wordt tijd! :)

  4. Selyna permalink
    27/03/2009 19:09

    het heeft nisk met dit artikel te maken ma ik wou dit evenz eggen :D => I<3this blog :D

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