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Normaly after the rain comes the sun, but where is the sun?


Bad weather!

After already 4 months of winter, we are really tired of the dark days in BelgiumWe want spring! Then we can wear our colorful clothes with our new sunglasses while the sun is shining! But at least today there was a little bit sun… On our playground there was just one little place where you could see the sun shining, of course we went to there straight ahead because we want to feel the spring after so many freezing months. We call it the South, because our whole playground is surrounded by all those big, ugly walls and it looks exactly like a prison – haha :’).


Bref, nous voulons que c’est plus chaud et que l’été est déjà là, comme ça on peut voir les garçons en maillot  > Grrrr ^^


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  1. Selyna permalink
    05/03/2009 20:41

    Where is the sun ?

  2. Selyna permalink
    05/03/2009 20:41

    Grrrr x)
    ha :)

  3. Katrien permalink
    13/03/2009 19:44

    Indeedjes, weetjes waaaantjes summertimetjes! ;D
    ( met die -tjes :’)
    & c’est vrai, nous adooooore les garçons en maillot! ;)
    Rauwwtch ^^

  4. Selyna permalink
    15/03/2009 19:49

    I want sun :D

    Je veux voir les garcons en maillot !!!! :p :)

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