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The way we are




We are just 2 girls who love taking pictures. We aren’t professionals, but we do the best we can! Our other passion is music, we kind off started a band just with the two of us & we hope that one day we will have a lot of songs. Yeaah, we are ambitious and we know it :’ ).

We hope you’ll enjoy our blog  :D



PS: We are that kind of people that you mostly see happy ^^

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  1. 18/02/2009 15:51

    Hou, ik had een super lange reactie gezet maar die is verwijderd geworden doordat mijn e-mail er niet op stond. BBY, (l)

  2. Geraldineeeee (: permalink
    05/03/2009 22:07

    Zalige Blog! :D x

  3. 09/03/2009 21:49

    i like this article :)
    i love the pictures, they’re gorgeous.

  4. Katrien permalink
    13/03/2009 19:57

    2 beautiful girls ♥


  5. Selyna permalink
    13/03/2009 21:44

    Jullie blog is kei goe :)

  6. Selyna permalink
    13/03/2009 21:46

    Beatiful Pictures
    Beatiful Girls
    Beatiful Friendship
    Beatiful Text

    => Beatiful Blog <3

  7. Ilona permalink
    13/03/2009 22:00

    Zalige foto

  8. 20/03/2009 19:19

    Whoooooooo, coole foto’s !

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